Explore the beauty of the West Coast

Strahan is a harbour-side village with a dark and fascinating convict past set on the edge of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. There are so many reasons to stay and explore the town and surrounding wilderness areas.


Cruising down the iconic Gordon River is a must do when visiting Tasmania.

You will experience one of the most scenic and sought after cruises with one of Tasmania’s largest eco-tourism cruise operators, local family owned and operated World Heritage Cruises.



Step back in history and take a breathtaking train journey deep into the heritage of the Tasmanian wilderness and hear tales of resilience and triumph over rugged terrain, hardship and adversity. Much more than a railway journey within a wilderness setting, the West Coast Wilderness Railway is a heritage experience that will touch your soul.

Ship that never was

The Ship That Never Was is a live professional theatre production, performing in Strahan since January 1994, written by Richard Davey and produced by The Round Earth Company.

The play tells the dramatic and hilarious true story of the Great Escape from Sarah Island! Delightful family entertainment not to be missed!

fishing boats Strahan

Fishing and Strahan go hand in hand, with people flocking to the area on a regular basis to fish from either the beach, boats or from the shore.

Hogarth Falls

​​Just a short distance from Strahan, ​in Peoples Park, is an easy walk through tall forest and rainforest to a delightful waterfall. As well as towering gum trees, there are beautiful rainforest trees such as leatherwood, sassafras and myrtle. The 1.2km walk soon reaches the falls. These drop over rocks that were once horizontal but have been tilted close to ​the vertical. Platypus can occasionally be seen in the creek below the falls. Return via the same track.

Info Centre

Do you know the story of the people of Macquarie Harbour? Discover the stories of indigenous peoples and convicts to brave piners exploring the waters around Strahan, through to the infamous battle to save the Franklin River – all captured in the Reflections Exhibition, located within the West Coast Visitor Information Centre.